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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources 9-12 yr olds

A catalogue of education, outreach and support materials available on the European FFWPU website.

Let us know if you have something which could be valuable for others – we can add it to the catalogue. Send your request to euhq@ffwpu-eu.org

You will find materials relating to:

  • Witnessing
  • Education and study
  • True Father ‘s words
  • Special lectures
  • Divine principle lecture material
  • Blessing education
  • Pastoral care
  • Sermons and guidance
  • Church building
  • Small group materials
  • Witnessing and tribal messiahship
  • Public speaking
  • Tithing
  • Inspirational videos

Link to other Education Resources for members of the Unification Movement

The Journey Curriculum – resources for outreach


Divine Principle

Watch Intro Videos of Our Teachings

Channel 4 Documentary

Unification Church Wedding
Watch the TV show
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Devotional Materials

Sung Hwa Publishing, English shopping mall


Read Rev. Moon’s Autobiography, and hear an excerpt

2017 An Shi Il calendar (716Kb pdf file)

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Family Pledge (Korean 1.5Mb jpg file)

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Family Pledge (English 1.3Mb jpg file)

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Witnessing Leaflet (2.3Mb pdf file)

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Materials for Pastors

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Marriage course materials

Small Groups materials