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Seong Hwa Ministry Sunday 5th August Holy Oak Memorial Day

A Memorial Day to celebrate the life of brothers and sisters who have passed to the Spirit World will take place on Sunday 5th of August at the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland, Stanton Warren, Swindon. Gathering 10.30am with Memorial service at 11am, sharing of testimonies, a picnic barbeque, music and a lot of time together.

The Seonghwa Ministry UK meeting in Lancaster Gate recently and the brothers and sisters present decided that it would be better to move Memorial Service to the weekend Sunday the 5th of August. The reason was that we found out that other church’s events were happening at that time and this would limit the number of members who would be able to attend.

Gathering at 10.30am, service will start at 11am with testimonies, musical entertainment, barbeque and a lot of time for sharing.

If you have any queries please contact Françoise Murphy at Pfgodart@gmail.com or Toyoko Davis at toyokodavis@gmail.com

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