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Chaplaincy Program for University Students

We are introducing a chaplaincy program to support university students within our community of the FFWPU second generation. There has been success in the past with such a project, and during such a key and often challenging stage of life, we wish to provide care and connection in a way that is meaningful and sustainable.

First of all, we will create a network of people: who are graduates, who have moved on into the next phase of their life, and who would like to take a little bit of time about two or three times a year to meet with students near their university campus.
Role of the chaplain summary:

  • Pastoral support from our community for 2nd generation
  • Spiritual support, no connection to other organisations
  • Continuity in connection and care
  • Introduce BCs to each other on the same campus
  • Just to give an opportunity to talk (if when contacted students do not want to participate that is fine, at least they have been invited)

What the chaplain does:

*Meet-up with all the students from one or two local universities at least once a semester as a whole group (groups could range from one to four students). This would usually be at the beginning of each semester. This meet up could be a coffee, dinner; just as a chance to get to know the students and for them to get to know each other, catch up, etc.

  • Meeting up on a personal basis is also optional and is up to the student and chaplain to decide if desired.
  • The chaplain is just to be someone who is there, and on a social and spiritual basis to answer questions and give support. Potentially bonds could be made that last beyond university. However, it is not meant to be formal or forced – whatever works for the student and chaplain.

Secondly, there will be a chaplaincy secretary who will keep an updated list of students and people who are happy to meet with students, and ensure that the contact information is all kept updated and accurate. Their job will be to coordinate the logistics so that the relevant universities are covered and answer any questions or issues that the chaplains have.

There will be a budget for expenses that will mean chaplains can be reimbursed for the cost of travel and buying the coffees & teas etc. The idea for chaplains is that it will be a manageable investment into the younger second generation community.

The hope and intention is that by showing an interest in our student community, without having any other agenda other than supporting them through their university years, they will be more confident in finding their own path of faith and be better equipped to make all the big decisions that will come their way in the context of career, marriage, and family life.

Chaplains would only be expected to commit to one academic year and then would be re-invited to continue the following year if they wish to.

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  1. Susan Crosthwaite Susan Crosthwaite
    October 16, 2018    

    Who is ‘we’ ? I think the proposal is really good.

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