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Pray now for the UK’s future

Pray now for the UK’s future

Brexit Deal Vote in the Commons on Tuesday 11th December Ever since triggering Article 50 – part of the Treaty on European Union which began the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union – Theresa May’s government has attempted to negotiate a deal between the UK and the European Union. With a deal having been […]

Invitation: 2018 Autumn Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Great Works

All Unification family members from around the world are invited to participate in the Autumn Great Works Workshop from October 19th to 21st held in Cheongpyeong. Following the 6th Anniversary of True Father’s Ascension and the 2018 Blessing ceremony, Cheongpyeong training centre will host the “2018 Autumn Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Great Works”.  It’s a time […]

International Relief Friendship Foundation Recruiting Part Timers i...

IRFF is looking to recruit three support workers for Part Time Employment!!! 1. A Web Editor who can also serve as Assistant to Marshall de Souza in Fundraising and IT work http://www.irff-uk.org. 2. A Publications Person who can help with both Online and Brochure work and Multimedia Presentations. 3. A Project Manager for Marketing the […]

Request (Last Call) to Join the Choir Performance

By Dr. Michael Balcomb, I am writing to ask singers from our church choirs and others around the region to sing together with the Longfield Choir and perform on April 29 in the Stadthalle (Vienna Austria). As you may know, our program opens with the “Mass Choir” singing several very well known and upbeat songs. This […]

Easter Weekend in Wales Clearing Rubbish on Country Paths

Here in Wales we finished 2017 with a youth meeting with our church pastor Peter Kong; he had asked that we do more community service for our monthly youth events. Written by Elliot Yamamoto Fast forward to today, March 31st, Easter weekend, and we were out litter picking! Nadia, who is our youth leader, had […]

European FFWPU Blessing Preparation Workshops in June and September

Dear Blessed Families, We would like to inform you about the next two European Blessing Preparation Workshops for Blessed Children and Jacob Children and their parents. There are TWO workshops planned at this point. We will hold them in geographically different locations in order to respond to a request from several communities. We would like […]

Launching a list of national prayer points

The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. The focusing of our sincerest devotion moves heaven; by announcing our intentions, good spirits are alerted to our plans, aims and hopes. The regular reporting of these prayers also conditions ourselves to become mindful of that which we treasure; our spiritual antennae grow stronger, becoming more sensitive to […]

Book Review – The Kalki Avatar: Tears for Nepal

Without exception, everyone has a story to tell. If you’ve ever seen the photo series Humans of New York you’ll know that, if you give someone the chance, they could share a heart-moving tale. I am privileged to have met thousands of Unificationists around the world, many of them in the UK, and what strikes me […]

Joy Giving Campaign – FINAL TEN DAYS

With fewer than a dozen days remaining until the beginning of the New Year (according to the Cheon Il Guk Calendar) on Friday 16th February, we are entering the final quarter of the 40-day Joy Giving Campaign. The 4th booklet of daily readings and inspiration is available to download, which you can use from Tuesday […]

Two Day Seminar Residential Course in a Tranquil Setting in the Hea...

Peace starts with me From inner peace to world peace A residential course in a tranquil setting in the heart of Wiltshire. Topics include: The Purpose of Existence The Cause of Contradictions Family and Society Can we determine our future ? The 2 Day seminar starts at 6:00pm on Fri 9th February with a light supper […]