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A Special Donation for True Parents Birthday and Foundation Day

We are being asked to give at least £150 per family, and £85 per individual non married member. Please make your donation to FFWPU national headquarters by the 31st of January 2019. This Special donation is to support True Parents’ Birthday and the Sixth Anniversary of Foundation Day has been requested by our FFWPU South Korea. From […]

FFWPU Ahn Shi Il Calendar for 2019 Download

The Ahn Shi Il ( Day of Settlement and Attendance ) Calendar is available to download as a jpeg image, download as a pdf file,  and download as an excel spreadsheet document. According to Michael Jenkins, he wrote in 2007, “I would like to share with you the meaning of a new ceremony that all […]

Join our Daily (Evening) Jeonseong Prayer Condition

Join us in our Jeonseong prayer condition that will culminate in the inauguration of the Cheongpyeong Branch for Heavenly Europe, in Frankfurt over the weekend of January 19th and 20th 2019. It’s an online zoom call and the time is at 7:00pm GMT (8:00pm Central Europe Time) You are invited to join our ZOOM prayer call […]

Purchase your Raffle tickets at Annual Gathering Festival

The raffle, is in aid of the New Terrena Centre in Albania that the British Church is twinned to support. Raffle Prizes First Prize – NUTRIBULLET 600 series Second Prize: More than £20 worth of Nando’s Restaurant Voucher for two with £30 worth of Nando’s condiments. Third Prize: Hand-held infra-red massager Many More Prizes:   […]

Hyojeong Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshops August and September 2018

This memo is intended for those members living outside of Korea and Japan. The workshop on August 26 (Sun) – 28 (Tues) Sunday- Tuesday Workshop is the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Great Works Commemorating the 6th Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon the True Parent of Heaven Earth and Humankind. For Information about the Ancestor Blessing […]

Sharing Project, Ready to Listen, Blessed Family Department

Would you like some support navigating the rocky patched in life? Or simply someone to share the ups and downs with? Or perhaps you need some career or matching advice? The Sharing Project is a completely confidential service provided by the Blessed Family Department UK and is open to anyone ages 16-40 These folks are […]

UPF Worker Help Needed, Experience In Morocco

UPF Middle East and key ambassadors needed for peace work in Morocco to lay the groundwork for an inaugural parliamentarians’ conference and future ongoing work with UPF. When? September to November 2018. Where? Based in Rabat, Morocco. Requirements: English (native speaker or fluent); French (native speaker or fluent). Also helpful: Arabic (any level) What we […]

Survey about Ancestors Blessing

Survey about Ancestors Blessing

Survey to find out how many brothers and sisters have liberated and blessed 210 generations of their ancestors in our region. For this purpose we have prepared an online survey with the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OuUo0SWXCU4TMyBFQIcTETkBFAew6QnM3DqvNTdklxo Please complete this yourselves and encourage all your members to do the same. Thank you very much Yours sincerely, David […]

Blessing Preparation Workshop in Slovakia 2018

Dear Blessed Families! We want to warmly invite you to the upcoming European Blessing Preparation WS taking place in Dunajska Luzna (near Bratislava) in Slovakia 20-23 September 2018. As we make ourselves ready for the Matching and Blessing it is very important that we have an in-depth understanding of it; the workshop can be a […]

Survey Outreach and Teaching Approaches for New Contacts

Survey Outreach and Teaching Approaches for New Contacts Dear Brothers and Sisters, Attached you find a survey made by Julian Gray from the International Office about witnessing approaches. We would be very grateful to you if you could take time to fill it out and send it back to us (pmasner@gmail.com). It is for us […]