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Interfaith Peace Blessing Christ Church, Birmingham November 2018

The community hall of Christ Church, Birmingham, was the scene for our latest Peace Blessing. Around 120 people attended, coming from eight different faith traditions, truly representative of the unique West Midlands society which we all live in together. Bishop Neville Fletcher opened the proceedings for us with a prayer, followed by three short presentations […]

FFWPU Family Blessing at Scottish Interfaith Week

“Families Connecting Generations” on Sunday 18 Nov 2018 The Glasgow Peace Federation (GPF) and The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) presented an Interfaith Service with Family Blessing at the Wallneuk North Church in Paisley, Glasgow on Sunday 18th November 2018 in conjunction with Scottish Interfaith Week. (This post was contributed by the […]

Save the Nation by bringing God into the Families through the Bless...

— June Darby writes the following — The Blessing is a time of spiritual rebirth, so we want it to be a Campaign to Save the Nation by bringing God into the Families through the Blessing, and for it to be the beginnings of a great Spiritual Revival by our personal Repentance, and Intercession for […]

Wedding Ceremony Update from the Land of the Morning Calm

By Joshua McGuigan 27th August –It has been six years since True Father’s ascension to the spirit world. To commemorate the life he lived, an Anniversary Celebration was held at the World Peace Center in which members paid their respects. Members were provided with flowers as they entered the World Center which they were able […]

“Janos and Mami – Journey to The Blessing By Joshua McGuigan&...

“Janos and Mami – Journey to The Blessing By Joshua McGuigan”

Janos Papp and Mami Morimitsu first met one another in January 2018. Eight months later, together they will travel to South Korea to participate in the Blessing ceremony in order have their marriage Blessed by True Parents. Meet Janos and Mami – Janos, 37, of Hungarian origin, worked as a history teacher before moving to […]

Large Interfaith Peace Blessing ceremony FFWPU UPF UK

In UK city of Birmingham, in July, sixty couples plus forty others participated in a FFWPU  and UPF Interfaith Peace Blessing ceremony, together with Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Bahai and Brahma Kumari represented. Ambassador for Peace awards were given to fifteen deserving recipients, five men and ten women. Read about it here Interfaith Peace Blessing […]

Family Celebration Workshop, Blessing and Divine Principle Educatio...

The Association of British Clergy in the UK held our first Family Celebration Workshop on Saturday the 21st July. Pastor Carlo Zaccarelli presented two Divine Principle Lectures, and afterwards five Pastors were blessed, and there was a very uplifting spirit of renewal and rededication to God. I am so grateful to all the wonderful brothers and […]

FFWPU 2075 Wedding Blessing Anniversary Dinner in the UK

Thirty-eight UK FFWPU couples that attended celebrated their 36th Blessing Anniversary at a luncheon held at Livingstone House, Chislehurst. Of those UK couples, have sprung 109 children and 6 grand-children so far. How many couples are still married? Thirty-five of those couples are still married. In an age of relatively high divorce rates it’s a […]

Invite to the Cosmic Blessing Wedding Ceremony in Korea

Information about the upcoming Cosmic Blessing in Korea. This blessing memo (attached) explains how to make your Blessing Application, if you have not done so, and ALSO how to register for the 2018 Cosmic Blessing in Korea – these are two separate processes. At the end of this letter is a summary of the main points […]

FFWPU Blessing Ceremony, South Korea, 27th August 2018

2018 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Date and time: 7.17 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk (August 27), Monday, at 9:30 a.m. Venue: Cheongshim Peace World Center Participants: 1) 1st and 2nd generation matched single members 2) Married Couples and […]