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Interfaith Peace Blessing Christ Church, Birmingham November 2018

The community hall of Christ Church, Birmingham, was the scene for our latest Peace Blessing. Around 120 people attended, coming from eight different faith traditions, truly representative of the unique West Midlands society which we all live in together. Bishop Neville Fletcher opened the proceedings for us with a prayer, followed by three short presentations […]

Birmingham FFWPU Family and Youth Empowerment

David and Patricia Earl write: We helped to organise a ‘Family and Youth Empowerment’ conference for the Rwandan community, attended by the Rwandan High Commissioner from London. The main organiser, Brigitte, had attended the Blessing with her husband and family in July, and wanted to work with us to address their community’s concern as to […]

Blessing Preparation Evening, Birmingham FFWPU

The Earl Family had a ‘Blessing Preparation Evening’ recently, in their home. There were just over 20 guests, several coming for the first time. David Earl Writes, “… we gave an overview of our movements activities, UPF, WFWP and FFWPU… We discussed the content of the Blessing, followed by some very good discussion and sharing. We […]

Large Interfaith Peace Blessing ceremony FFWPU UPF UK

In UK city of Birmingham, in July, sixty couples plus forty others participated in a FFWPU  and UPF Interfaith Peace Blessing ceremony, together with Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Bahai and Brahma Kumari represented. Ambassador for Peace awards were given to fifteen deserving recipients, five men and ten women. Read about it here Interfaith Peace Blessing […]