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CARP Project Japan 2018 Kumamoto Earthquake Service Project

International CARP will be visiting Japan (three days), Korea Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre (ten days) and Japan (seven days) prior to a two week service project in Kyushu (south Japan).

World CARP Summer this year we will joint service project with with USA, UK, EU, and Japanese CARP. We will visit Tokyo, Korea (nine days at Cheongpyeong), and visit Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and do a two week service project in Kumamoto (Teaching English).

The Kumamoto earthquakes (7 scale), on the 16th April 2016, had huge impact and lost many families and houses, this month, one year later, still many people live in temporary housing and need psychological care.

Kyushu CARP (south part of Japan) has requested for us to come again this year and teach English to Japanese school children who were affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes.  Local CARP members will join the project. The Kumamoto area children are really looking forward to learning English from us. Here is a link to last year’s trip blog.

The photo below is from last year’s invitation to join the project.

Written by Mrs Hiraki USA CARP

Some audio visual recordings from last year’s trip:

CARP TRIP 2017 – Japan and Korea – ft. WORLD


Applications open to students aged 16+
Students must have finished reading Divine Principle and True Father’s Autobiography


Date Place Nights Lodging Activity
Around 26th  June 2018 Tokyo 3 nights Tokyo Ryokan (Japanese-style Hotel With USA CARP
04/07 – 09/07 Korea 9 nights Korea  Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre With USA CARP

11/07 USA CARP depart

Tokyo 1 night Tokyo Sightseeing with USA CARP
11/07 – 13/07 Kyoto, Nara 3 nights Kyoto CARP centre Sightseeing
14/07 – 16/07 Hiroshima 2 nights Hiroshima CARP centre Sightseeing
16/07 – 18/07 Fukuoka 2 nights Fukuoka CARP centre Service Project
18/07-31/07 Kumamoto Kumamoto CARP Service project

You can join us later or arrive early – it can be arranged.

The following is written by Mieko Davies, UK Trip Organiser


Air fare:   Arrive in Tokyo – Depart from Fukuoka (Now Asiana  airline fare is £600.00)
JR Pass for one week £198
Accommodation fee for sightseeing per night 1000 yen (£7)  x 7 days  £49
Pocket money – about £200
Project Joining Fee 500 US dollar (including Air ticket Tokyo – Seoul return ticket, Hotel fee and Meals)
If you are interested in this project please contact me as soon as possible.
Application form and testimonies: Please click on the link: http://jpcarpexperience.weebly.com/

We would like to ask for a big and small donation for JP Project

I have been appealing for 10 years that we should make a strong CARP foundation, the young people are future leaders. We have sent young people to Japan, Los Angeles USA, Africa and Alaska. I really think young people should see and learn from different cultures and experience God’s providence in the world. We should invest in our youth more than at present. This JP project started in 2010 and since then many European Unificationist young people went to Japan. They are warmly welcomed and looked after with a lot of love by CARP members and Japanese “Uncles and Aunties”. This year we join with USA CARP, please read attached letter from Mrs Hiraki LA CARP

Account No: 49383019
Sort code: 60-07-37
Reference: “Japan Donation”

We are making special arrangements for donations from outside of the UK – please contact us for details.

Mieko Davies

E-mail: mieko@daviesworld.net
Tel: 07941877222
Skype : miekotochigi
Line: miekodavies

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