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Blessed Family Department Director Wanted

Job Vacancy: BFD Director

FFWPU UK is looking for a new director of the Blessed Family Department (BFD).

Candidates should have a passion for helping others prepare for and realise the Blessing in their families. The role entails delivering care for members of FFWPU-UK by leading and managing a team of employees and volunteers that offers Matching tools and support, Blessed Marriage enrichment and healing resources, and family and crisis care support. For a full job description, click here.

You don’t have to have a perfect marriage or family, but as long as they are a work in progress, you will be considered.

Click here to read the Blessed Family Department Director Job Description

Apply for the position by Wednesday 31st October, sending your CV and cover letter to hq@ffwpu.org.uk or calling 020 7723 0721 for more information.




  1. Catriona Valenta Catriona Valenta
    September 29, 2018    

    It is very heartening to read that a recognised training in counselling is a requirement for the job. What would be considered as ‘recognised’ in this context?

    • Susan Crosthwaite Susan Crosthwaite
      October 3, 2018    

      There are a wide variety of college counselling courses, marriage education courses and various degree courses that people can have gone through. We will consider them when people are interviewed.

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