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Pray now for the UK’s future

Pray now for the UK’s future

Brexit Deal Vote in the Commons on Tuesday 11th December Ever since triggering Article 50 – part of the Treaty on European Union which began the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union – Theresa May’s government has attempted to negotiate a deal between the UK and the European Union. With a deal having been […]

Launching a list of national prayer points

The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. The focusing of our sincerest devotion moves heaven; by announcing our intentions, good spirits are alerted to our plans, aims and hopes. The regular reporting of these prayers also conditions ourselves to become mindful of that which we treasure; our spiritual antennae grow stronger, becoming more sensitive to […]

Book Review – The Kalki Avatar: Tears for Nepal

Without exception, everyone has a story to tell. If you’ve ever seen the photo series Humans of New York you’ll know that, if you give someone the chance, they could share a heart-moving tale. I am privileged to have met thousands of Unificationists around the world, many of them in the UK, and what strikes me […]

Joy Giving Campaign – FINAL TEN DAYS

With fewer than a dozen days remaining until the beginning of the New Year (according to the Cheon Il Guk Calendar) on Friday 16th February, we are entering the final quarter of the 40-day Joy Giving Campaign. The 4th booklet of daily readings and inspiration is available to download, which you can use from Tuesday […]

One week to go! Joy Giving Campaign starting on Sunday 7th January

In one week, on Sunday 7th January,  you are invited to join a campaign to give joy to someone different every day for 40 days. As was previously announced, this campaign will aim to invite all the members of our FFWPU community in Great Britain to simply share joy with others. You decide the degree to […]

Get ready for the Joy Giving Campaign!

Everyone is struggling to attain happiness. It sounds quite obvious, but it’s true. What if a group of people dedicated an amount of time to make that struggle a little less struggling? Imagine if a group of campaigners exerted themselves on a daily basis to help another individual experience joy, what kind of impact would that […]

Keeping the Kingdom in Focus

Written by Matthew Huish. I think I’ve been a bit harsh on myself lately. On several occasions I’ve doubted my degree of focus on the vision of building Cheon Il Guk, the substantial nation of peace & unity on earth and in heaven. This is clearly the goal that True Parents are aiming for – and thus […]

Celebrating the commission to tribal messiahship

Huge changes took place around the world 30 years ago. The unimaginable became possible when the Berlin Wall fell down, the Soviet Empire collapsed and True Parents were able to visit Kim Il Sung in North Korea. In the lifetime of True Parents, all this was able to happen after the victorious conclusion of a […]

Figuring out how to work together

Almost 2 years ago, the governance of FFWPU took a significant step forwards as we ratified a new governing document. Since then we have seen the establishment of the National Council and the Council of Communities, and while there have been teething problems with both bodies, each has developed a happy and healthy working culture, […]

New hope in New Tirana

Last November, the nations of the European region were twinned together with one of the communities in Albania. What was then known as the Island Nations sub-region (which at the time included the UK, Ireland, Iceland and Malta) was twinned with the New Tirana centre, a community located in a relatively new and affluent area […]