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Article: Young Adults Jazz Bar Christmas Party Delivers a Night of Festive Celebrations

Over 50 attendees join the Young Adults Christmas celebration at Lancaster Gate for a night of comedy, musical performances and community spirit.

On a chilly December night, 2nd Generation members gathered with guests to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas holidays. The theme of the party was a cross between a relaxed jazz bar and a festive Christmas dinner, with the ballroom being appropriately decorated for the occasion alongside a mocktail bar.

Cara Hays, MC, opened the party by warmly greeting guests before inviting everyone to enjoy a buffet-style dinner. She encouraged attendees to use the evening as a way to rekindle friendships and spend quality time with good friends.

Throughout the evening festive musical performances were offered. These high-quality performances proved both entertaining and served to create a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Halfway through the night William Haines offered a few words of inspiration. He spoke on the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of friendship.

The party finished-off with a take on the popular comedy TV show ‘Would I Lie To You?’. Kenneth Read hosted the panel game in which guests took turns to reveal unusual facts and told embarrassing stories about themselves (some of which were true). Two teams of three guests completed against each other, where teammates told crazy stories about themselves – some of which were true, some not. It was up to the opposing team to determine whether what was being was told was true or false. This set-up led to many laugh-out-loud moments for the audience, with the game ending the party in high spirits.

The event supported the non-profit organisation ‘Who Is Hussain?’ which aims to give the homeless a warm winter. Attendees were kindly asked to bring a gift donation which would be passed onto the charity, and then to the homeless.  

Kieran Hoyte, part of the organising team, said: “We (the staff team) pulled together and took initiative well,

“I was happy with the event itself because it was really nice and enjoyable”.

On the idea of giving gifts to the homeless, he said: “Giving gifts to the homeless has been done before but our age group hasn’t done it, and it is something that is unique. It sends out a good message as we try to give beyond our friendship circle”.

Carmel Mould, also part of the organising team, said that the team wanted to organise an event that was both classy and chill and that the event started coming together once the theme was decided upon. She added: “On the day, I was happy with how it went”.

Special thanks to the organisers Carmel, Cara, Yujin, Jess, Kieran, Tracy and Cha-Eun – with additional help & support from Lisa Hayashi, Sean Graves, Matthew Huish & HQ – for putting together an amazing night.  

Photos provided by Alma Gaina – https://www.instagram.com/alma.gaina/. More photos will be uploaded to Facebook in the following days.

For more information on ‘Who Is Hussain?’ please visit: https://whoishussain.org/get-involved/ 

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