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Announcement that Hideo Suda, FFWPU UK has passed away

Hideo Suda passed away at 5:15 am on Thursday morning the 15th of November.

Hideo Suda, who is Japanese, came to the UK in 1989, lived initially in Birmingham, then moved to London. In Birmingham he started teaching Tongil Moo Do to young people. Later, he taught Won Hwa Do.  In London, he and his wife, Joyce, first looked after members of the New Hope Team, then the Mobile Fundraising Team (MFT) young members. They then moved to South London in 1995 so Hideo could start to teach Tongil Moo Do/Won Hwa Do there.

In 1998, their couple received a new mission to take care of Livingstone House, Chislehurst. They welcomed True Mother and True Children to Livingstone House whilst True Mother was doing her World tour. Later they also welcomed Dae Mon Nim when she came to do Ancestor Liberation.

Also in 1998, True Parents invited Blessed families from around the world to the Pantanal in Brazil, for a forty day Family Training workshop. During this time their family could meet True Parents three times, and their couple had their picture taken with True Parents twice. This is a historical picture for posterity.

In addition to caring for Livingstone House, Hideo especially looked after the beautiful grounds and gardens. He even created a Japanese water/peace garden there. His mission with WHD continued and he did many Won Hwa Do workshops locally, nationally and internationally. He even took Won Hwa Do students to competitions and training in countries like Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Korea. He also brought Grand Master Han (who started Won Hwa Do) to the UK to train students.
Hideo received his Master Belt in 2002 in Korea after intensive training with Grand Master Han, and in 2016, he received the Highest Master Belt, which is the one before the Grand Master Belt.

In 2013, Hideo was diagnosed with prostate cancer which he courageously fought for almost six years. He passed peacefully in the presence of his wife on 15th November 2018.




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