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Invitation to the International 2nd Generation Workshop in Glanow, Poland, December 27, 2018 – January 1, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Following the tradition of many years, we would like to invite you to the International Second Generation Workshop that will be held in Glanow, Poland. During this workshop we will listen to Divine Principle lectures, experience our inner beauty as a gift of Heavenly Parent and learn the application in everyday life. We all have a path that goes beyond the ordinary. Having a heart of a child means looking deep into ourselves and seeing our value as Blessed Children. William has great experience with teaching the Principle to young and old and we are sure that he can share a lot of new insights with us.

Invited are 2nd Generation between 14-18 years who have at least basic English communication skills as the workshop language is English. We will start with dinner on December 27th, 2018 (arrival day), and finish with breakfast on January 1st, 2019 (departure day).


The workshop fee:
– in case of one participant per family – 85 euro/380 PLN
– in case of 2 participants per family – 80 euro/340 PLN per person
– in case of 3 or more participants per family – 75 euro/320 PLN per person

Please bring Your sleeping bag.\

To make this workshop a great experience we would like to invite You to join a 21-day condition. It will start on December 1st. We suggest 12 minute of daily prayer, although you can choose some other form. (Please pray for snow!)

Application deadline is December 1st. Please, try to apply as soon as possible and let us know your arrival details.

Glanow Training Center is located about 30km from the international airport in Cracow. For those coming by plane or train we will organize the pick-up (for that we will ask for a donation).

Daria Kral will be responsible for the organization of the seminar. Please send all questions to the following email address daria-kral@gmx.at

Please, pass this invitation to all who may be interested.

Martha Kral
FFWPU Poland, National Leader

Daria Kral
Workshop Coordinator


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