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FFWPU Ahn Shi Il Calendar for 2019 Download

The Ahn Shi Il ( Day of Settlement and Attendance ) Calendar is available to download as a jpeg image, download as a pdf file,  and download as an excel spreadsheet document.

According to Michael Jenkins, he wrote in 2007,

“I would like to share with you the meaning of a new ceremony that all blessed family conduct every 8th day called the Ahn Shi Il. It began on May 5, 2004 at Yeosu in Korea, that was the day when Father proclaimed the Era or the Day after the Coming of Heaven which is Ahn Shi Il. What is Ahn Shi Il? It has to do with every 8th day, we declare a true Sabbath for God. And our family does our bows before heaven and we also offer the family pledge in which we as owners of CIG pledge to fulfill all the responsibilities as blessed central families.”

There is also another Ahn She Il (Online) perpetual calendar click here

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