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True Parents

God is the True Parent of all human beings and loves each person uniquely and personally as His son or daughter. God, who is invisible, longs to experience everything substantially, dwelling in and through every human being.

The first person to became completely one with God, or indeed the incarnation of God, was Jesus. Thus Jesus and the Holy Spirit became the True Parents giving rebirth, love and new life to all who believe in them.

More recently Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, have attained the position of True Parents and as such are doing their best to complete the work of Jesus and all the prophets and saints in history. A major part of their ministry is to give guidance and a special marriage blessing to couples so that they can experience God more deeply in their marriage and family.

They understand their role as being one that is not restricted to a particular group or branch of religion, but that is a universal one, eventually to reach people of all faiths. The title Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is indicative of this, and through its activities the Federation seeks to embrace and include rather than judge or condemn others. The True Parents embody God’s parental heart.

Sun Myung Moon passed to the spirit world on August 3rd 2012, and continues his work for God’s Providence.

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