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Unificationists view religion as a means to an end, not an end in itself. The teaching at the heart of the Movement, the Divine Principle, respects all world-level religions as being part of God’s greater plan to lead humankind into a new era. For the whole of its existence, there has been something dysfunctional about the human family. The genuine religious life, wherever it has been practised, has been a God-inspired part of the solution to this problem.

Unificationist teachings reveal the plan and working of God more deeply than ever before, they help us to understand our individual and collective responsibility and, in a way that often touches people very deeply, they reveal the ‘heart of God’. The spiritual principles that Sun Myung Moon reveals or re-affirms are the principles by which he has lived his life – an extraordinary life whose story is simply but beautifully told in his recently – published autobiography, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”.

Here is a quick overview of some of the main points of the Divine Principle:

The Principle of Creation

Throughout the ages, certain questions have occupied people’s minds and hearts in their spiritual search: what is the nature of God; how and why did He create the universe and humankind; what spiritual laws govern the universe; does a spiritual realm exist beyond physical perception? If we had inherited the true love of God originally, our lives, and indeed the history of the world, would have turned out very differently.

The Life and Ministry of Jesus

When it comes to the extraordinary life and sacrifice of Jesus, we have largely assumed that because things happened a certain way, they were meant to happen that way. But what if Jesus had been truly welcomed as the Messiah in his lifetime, what difference would that have made? How has his suffering been compounded as God’s plans have been thwarted as a result of our ignorance?

The Human Fall

Deep within every person is the desire for goodness. Yet in seeking to do good, each of us finds an opposite inclination within ourselves. As a result, our world suffers from these same contradictions, and is in turmoil. How did evil gain such a hold and how can we get to the root of the problems that beset humankind? Our liberation will be God’s liberation too – set free to enjoy a relationship of genuine love with people who reflect His nature.

The Parallels of Providential History

People who have studied history have often pondered such questions as: is there an inner purpose behind historical progress? Why do events of a similar nature appear to be repeated at different times in history? When we examine the history of humankind from the viewpoint of God’s providence, distinct parallels emerge between the 2000 years prior to Jesus and the 2000 years after.

The History of Restoration

Ever since the Fall, God has been working to restore men and women to their true state – so we can live as we are meant to live, fulfilling our potential to give and receive love unselfishly. There is a necessary process involved to have human beings respond effectively to God’s guidance and to right past wrongs. Secrets of the Old and New Testaments are revealed that become powerful tools to assist us in our spiritual life.

The Second Advent

The Jews still await the coming of the messiah; the Christian world has been looking forward to the return of Christ. The idea of a returning saviour is present in other faiths also. The Principle shows how these ‘expected ones’ are ultimately the same person, or couple, who will lead us through the final stage of God’s work of re-creation. Their task, as new, true parents for humankind, is to bring real solutions to a morally corrupt world.

My Life of Faith

The insights provided by The Principle start to have even greater importance when applied to the path each one of us needs to walk. There is much we can learn from the lessons of history, and as the struggle between good and evil has a seat inside our own hearts, how wonderful it is to know there is an escape from inner conflict. Through The Principle we can find meaning, cultivate our spiritual life and deepen our relationship with God.

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