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Nepal International Academy

Nepal Academy after

Nepal Academy before

Nepal Academy teachingSun Hwa International Academy in Nepal was founded and built by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, who run fund-raising events in the UK to support it.

The school accepts 150 children from nursery to 5th grade of elementary school and teaches English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Nepalese language, IT and music. The school aims high quality education, high moral standard and cheap school fees. The local community are very impressed and inspired by the international spirit and emphasis on moral and family values. It also includes a Creative Training Centre for Women, teaching clothes making and other crafts.

The students come from the local community or nearby villages. They are all from relatively poor families and receive 50% support toward tuition fees.

Since in Nepal primary education is not obligatory, the Women’s Federation for World Peace would like to make this school a model school and appeal to the government and parents about the importance of primary education.

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