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Music Ministry

Music Ministry is a service with the aim to inspire and empower the community.

Based in our UK HQ, 43 Lancaster Gate we’re creating a foundation and template that can eventually be spread throughout our national movement, and eventually the rest of Europe.

We’re looking for musicians who are passionate about their life of faith and music, and want to serve their community! We hope to be able to pass on our experience to others and help them grow spiritually as well as musically, while we continue to grow and develop as a Music Ministry.

We have a band that practices and performs every week for our Sunday worship service and other church events, and a Community Choir that meets every Monday to practice. We also organise regular music events such as Live Lounge..

So how can you get more involved? There are loads of things to support and help with, for example: Playing in the Music Ministry band, or helping with sound tech, performing at Live Lounge events, or helping behind the scenes with set up, café, registration, or the technical side of things. Music Ministry is providing a service, that you can be a part of, as well as gain experience in whatever area of skill you want to volunteer in!

If you’re interested in getting involved in any way please Contact Us.

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  1. Sinmi Roach Sinmi Roach
    August 23, 2018    

    I will love to get involved in the Music Ministry,. I play multiple instruments and I will want the opportunity to use my my gift.
    Also, I want to improve my skills.
    Please let me know the next date and time of practice

    Thank you

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