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Live lounge

Live Lounge was initiated back in February 2009 by our dear sister Sarah Hanna. It first began as an open mic night, and then developed into Live Lounge, and is still going strong! Following great feedback from both performers and spectators at each event, we are delighted to see it continuing and flourishing! By creating an intimate and relaxed setting we hope to encourage people with musical talent to share their music with others, but also provide a place for people to relax, socialise, network and enjoy music together.

Come along and hear some great music.

Every Live Lounge guarantees you hot drinks on the house from our wonderful café which provides a warm, open space for people to chill out before, during the interval, and after it’s all over! There is always a great variety of snacks and refreshments on sale, for people to enjoy with their drink, as they share together with friends.

For more information, and any updates, please Contact Us.

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