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Unificationists assert that the present materialistic age must yield to a new age of greater spirituality, one that is based on unselfish service to others. This transformation cannot be effected by religious revival alone, or by political and economic reforms alone. Rather, all fields of endeavour must join together to provide the moral, intellectual and good-hearted leadership that is required.

For this reason, the Unification Movement’s activities are not confined to religion but span every field: education, philosophy, science, religion, media, the arts, international affairs, technology, business, humanitarian work and the environment. According to Unificationism, the true practice of religion should be about establishing heaven on earth for everyone, not escaping from the world to find some personal reward in heaven. The Movement places emphasis on the value of marriage and family, on the contribution of women and of young people. Its founder, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has set up numerous organisations and projects that are driven forward by this desire to build a peaceful world where humankind can live as one family.

It has been said that “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. The ideas and insights that find expression in the Movement’s teachings are an essential part of God’s unfolding plan to establish a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’; they underlie and empower all that the Movement is doing. You can be part of it too.

Some Unification Movement affiliated sites:

Religious Youth Service
Universal Peace Federation International
Universal Peace Federation UK
International Relief Friendship Foundation
Unification Theological Seminary
WFWP International
Professors World Peace Academy
Summit Council for World Peace
Service for Peace

FFWPU Australia
FFWPU Finland
FFWPU Hungary
FFWPU Ireland
FFWPU Netherlands
FFWPU Norway
FFWPU Russia
FFWPU Taiwan
FFWPU Thailand


For more information or for media inquires, please contact: pr@ffwpu.org.uk

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