What have the Cheon Il Guk Missionaries been up to?

Monthly report


January Goal

Internal Goal: Back to our original motivation. Love people more deeply as True Mother’s representatives!

External Goal: Take an initiative to live for the sake of others once a day! Feel heart of other. Result: 5 New guests. 0 Regular.


February Goal

Internal Goal: Love Heaven, Love People, Love Nation! Unite with heart of filial piety!

External Goal: 4 New guests. 3 Regular. “Share heart” Result: 2 New guests. 0 Regular.



Four months have passed since we started campus witnessing. Heavenly Parent gave each one of us a guest. We practice hoon dok together. The most advanced guest is now reading the Part II. CARP members and Japanese mothers take it in turn to take care of them. Deep heartistic bond is built between the guests and local members. At the same time, it makes us realise things like depth of the DP and True Love through taking care of them. Witnessing is wonderful!!! We would like to keep praying for them so that they can attend workshops.


Happy New Year 2017 –CIGM’s 5th year

We attended the New Year party at LG. Europe Continent Leader, National Leader, brothers and sisters in U.K. gathered together there. We praised each other’s activities of last year and made determinations to unite so that U.K. makes more progress toward 2020. We all enjoyed delicious food and wonderful magic. We performed a dance to a song called “Sarang-ko” that is the song True Mother likes. We were very happy to attend this party.

Happy 50th Heavenly Parent’s Day in south London

We gathered at the church at 7 a.m. to do Pledge Service. We prepared from early in the morning, offered our pledge, received a Heavenly message from the church leader. “Why are we here?” We were very inspired to hear 1st gen’s testimonies with tears when they shared about their motivations to join this movement, God they met, and True Love. We offered Tembu-Houonko that we have been preparing for this Holy day. We could express our heart of filial piety to our beloved True Parents. We were more than grateful to Heavenly Parent who gave us this opportunity.


11th~20th Europe STF in Manchester

We witnessed with STF members for about ten days. They witnessed and fundraised in Albania before they came to U.K. They stay in Manchester to do witnessing for three months. We experienced many things while we were living together. It was very inspiring to see them praying for our guests, living for each other, going out for witnessing with desperate heart. We were together only for a week, but we received so much power when we witnessed together. We had deep experiences through them. It was such
a beautiful week.

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