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Women’s Federation UK Music, Art and Charity event

by Alla Zubovskis. On Saturday on 24th March, at Livingstone House, in Bromley, the WFWP had a fundraising event to support missionary work with children in refugee camps in Jordan. It was a first event organised by me as a new Women’s Federation Bromley coordinator. I had 4 months to prepare but it was overwhelming to balance preparations and my mission as a pastor not to mention my study and my family. Nevertheless I prayed and made conditions for the success of the event and was confident that God, my Heavenly Parent will send the help I needed. And I was right. It was another confirmation of the old wise saying, “If there is a will, there will be a way”.

It was in response to Women’s Federation UK President appeal to all chapter coordinators to organise fundraising event to support Jordan Project and specifically our missionary work there with children in refugee camps. As well it was dedicated to commemorate International Women’s Day and Mothers’s Day celebrated in March.

I had a goal of inviting 40 people to the event and to raise £300. T o my delight many members came to support the event and finally we had about 40 people attending. 6 guests came, two of which where actively involved and made a significant contribution. Also Patricia and Eddie Hartley’s neighbours donated £50 but couldn’t come. Although not many guests came we could raise £220 and my hope is to continue fundraising efforts to raise remaining £80. We still have got some marvelous paintings of Joy Phillipou and Anne Rogers kindly donated by Anne for our cause.

As the name of the event states we had lots of amazing musical performances from our volunteers during the whole program. It made the event so uplifted, joyful and celebratory. Then we had a privilege to listen to Zoe Bennett who is a Vice President of WFWP Middle East with a quite detailed and informative presentation about Jordan project.

A huge thank you to our kind and generous artists who contributed their paintings for the cause. They are Beatriz Lozano from South London, Anna Johnson, Eva Davidova, Anne Rogers, Joy Phillipou and Evelyn Zubovskis. Unfortunately not many were sold but we had a gorgeous display and I am sure next time will be better.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the event in any way. Especially to Anna Johnson for welcoming and registering guests, Tina Coombs for MC, Linda Brann, Bernard Chellew, David silk, David Mann, and Jackie for outstanding performances. Thank you to Clive Pollitt for huge support and technical assistance. As well to Mieko Davies and Suzuko Wood for doing raffle and helping to raise funds. You all did a great job!

As well our gratitude goes to all who contributed delicious food to share with guests and prizes for raffle. Thank you Maria Pollitt for yummy fresh scones and Maria Feeney for scrumptious sushi rolls.

Finally I want to thank Mitty Tohma for inspiring me and supporting along the preparation for this event. It was a big challenge but great experience to have such a mentor and encourager for future accomplishments.

It is amazing what we can achieve as a community when we unite our efforts for the common goal. I am sure we can do better next time and looking forward to work with our wonderful brothers and sisters to bring more joy and glory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents as a united community. Thank you!

Alla Zubovskis


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