Update from the National Council

Dear British Family Federation members,
You may remember a couple of years ago that as a national movement we voted to ratify a governance document which involved restructuring our movement. See a link to it here: LINK
One of the bodies that were set up as a result of the restructuring was a National Council. This is currently made up of the following people: Matthew Huish, Tom O’Connell, Susan Crosthwaite, William Haines, Ruth Johnson, Jeung Sun Shongwe, Simon Cooper, Jeff Bateman, Cecilie Fortune, and David Earle.
I have volunteered and have got nominated to communicate with you about what we are doing and to generally keep you updated with any developments from our work and any decisions that we are taking. If you aren’t kept informed or end up uninterested in what decisions we are taking then in my mind we basically seek to have no real significance; so this is about being relevant to everyone and continuing the development of the restructuring onto the next level.
Firstly, why are the 10 of us on the council? To answer that I will briefly copy and paste an excerpt from the governance document, that you will find in the above link:
– National Leader (chair) 

 – Head of General Affairs 

– Education 

– Blessed Families 

– Public Relations 



– Three representatives from the National Council

The next question I hope you are asking yourself right now is: What on earth are they meant to be doing?

The primary role of the National Council is to work as a team with the National Leader in order to:

– Present a compelling, credible long-term vision for the spiritual development of the UK movement.
– Determine annual focus, goals and objectives
– Serve the communities
– Manage the providential fund and its allocation among providential departments, affiliated organisations and projects
– Receive annual budget proposals and ad-hoc funding requests from members and local communities submitted through the Council of Communities
– Liaise with affiliated organisations (e.g. UPF, WFWP, IRFF, WAIT etc.)
– Organise national events

– Relate to the International movement

So, that is the theory. In reality, we have been finding our feet. We have met several times over the last 9 months or so. We did not meet until the Council of Communities was established which was initially more of a priority.
One of the above roles we have been able to start on has been allocating annual budgets for the different departments. But as we carried out that function it became very apparent to us that we need to do some serious work on how we get ourselves into a circumstance where we are able to present a compelling long-term vision, that we are able in the medium and short term to articulate what our priorities are for the British FFWPU and how we believe they can be achieved.
So we have had one long meeting about that, and we most recently met just last Thursday evening to go through the governance document and look at preparing some amendments that can be proposed to the Council of Communities and trustees for ratifying.
And yes, the beginnings do feel slow, and we are admittedly a long way from where we would like to be. BUT, we have taken up the baton now from the restructuring committee (remember them?) and are continuing on, a long a path that will lead us to somewhere very special.
There are admittedly a lot of challenges our movement has faced in the last years of True Father’s life, and those situations have in many respects only got more complicated with the resulting divisions in our international family that exist today. As members of the British FFWPU we don’t want to sit around wringing our hands, but instead get on with the job at hand – taking responsibility for our families and communities, and creating something we would all be proud of.
We hope you will be interested in what we get up to, and let us know what you think of our progress and our decisions. We will be posting minutes from our meetings on a particular section of the FFWPU website, which you will be able to access before too long.
We want to be as transparent as is practical and have a productive and energetic dialogue with our membership, young and old alike, and not forgetting those of us who are middle-aged either.
I hope this has been a helpful hello.
Best wishes,

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