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FFWPU Sheffield Engaging Peace Ambassadors talks and presentations

On March 24 Sheffield held a meeting. The idea of the meeting came from desire to keep in touch with people who took part in UPF meeting we had in Sheffield last November. The plan was to engage those people who have expertise in different field and it was decided to invite them to give a talk on what they do. First meeting of such nature was held on February 24, where Cllr. John Nottingham, who is also a Peace Ambassador, gave talk on climate change.

It was an inspiring starting point and on March 24 we had talk from Noah Nazir, who is a leader of the Sufi group, as well as a practicing acupuncturist. He was talking about importance of the relation between mind and body in healthy individual.


It has to be mentioned that although it was mostly local members, who filled the room, we had a humble number of guests.

We will continue to work on this project as it feels promising. The idea is in opposition to invitation to listen to open floor for philosophical discussion where everyone is welcomed and give opportunity to ask question and being listened to. Of course, terms and conditions applied ☺.

With best regards Peter Ljasevits.

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