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Announcing the Seung Hwa Ministry Meetings

Brothers and sisters who lost loved ones met in Lancaster Gate on January 20.

This was their second meeting to discuss how to organise themselves in a network to support each other and mostly to support members who will experience lost in the future.

It was decided that the network will be called ‘Seung Hwa Ministry UK’.

The tradition of the Seung Hwa Ceremony for blessed members was taught by our True Parents after the death of their son, Heung Jin Moon, on January 2, 1984. “Seung” means “ascending, elevation” and “hwa” means ‘harmony and peace.”

We thought this would be a good name for our network. Also we found out that in the US there is already a well-established network for bereaved members called: ‘Seong Hwa Ministry’ from which we could learn from.

Regarding events on the national level, last year the memorial service in Stanton Fitzwarren celebrating the lives of the brothers and sisters who passed away was well appreciated by those who attended.

Keiko de Giles kindly offered to organise the event annually on the last Sunday of July. We are also hoping to hold an inaugural event of the ‘Seung Hwa Ministry UK’ once we are more organised.

The brothers and sisters discussed the importance of establishing support group on the local level and how to advise and help local pastors.

An emergency fund was discussed as well as social media to share news and inspiration. Being short of time, we decided to meet again in the beginning of March to further our discussions on how to advise and support our local Pastors.

Françoise Murphy and Toyoko Davies

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  1. Mark Brann Mark Brann
    January 28, 2018    

    Thank you all so much for what you are doing in this so important and hitherto somewhat neglected area of pastoral activity and for all the love, concern, sense of responsibility, initiative and enterprise you are demonstrating.

    Linda and I hope and pray that your efforts will go from strength to strength and that they will truly be blessed by Heaven and we send all of you who are actively participating our love and warmest best wishes.

    Mark & Linda Brann

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