See the progress of the Cheon Il Guk Missionaries during March and April

Monthly Report: March & April

March Goal

Internal Goal

우리는 하나 다!  |  We are one!

External Goal

New guests: 4  |  Regular Guests: 3

(Who observe our rules)

Result: New Guests: 2  |  Regular Guests: 1

April Goal

Internal Goal

We will be a model of TP’s word and filial piety!

External Goal

To share our hearts deeply and follow our original mind.

Japanese Culture Event:  12 guests

Result:   9 guests


Almost half a year has passed since we started campus witnessing. Now we take care on nine regular guests, some of them even read through the D.P.
These days we take care of them not only through Hoon Hok in a café on campus, but also through building horizontal relationships with them such as: eating sushi, enjoying origami, studying Japanese and so on. They used to stay for only an hour at the longest, but now they don’t like to leave; tow or more hours can pass before we notice! Taking care of guests really inspires us.
We feel love and compassion in their simple conversation and smiles. We miss them so much when we have to say good-bye. We would like to invest our utmost love to each one of them.






2-Day Workshop in Livingstone House

We attended the CARP 2-Day Workshop from 24th – 26th March.
Local 2nd gen members gave lectures of: Introduction, Principle of Creation, Fall of Man, Consummation of Human History, and Advent of the Messiah. This was followed by discussion in teams to gain a deeper understanding of the D.P. We were very inspired to find this workshop was entirely organised by 2nd gen and moreover each one of them fulfilled his/her responsibility and invested their utmost effort. We hope guests and other 2nd gen brothers and sisters can attend such occasions in the future.






Happy Birthday to Norika & Kaori!

We celebrated Norika’s (23) and Kaori’s (25) birthdays on 1st April. Many people celebrated their birthdays by giving them birthday messages and presents.

“My 25th birthday came while I am in England. Many brothers and sisters, CIGM, CARP and mothers celebrated my birthday. I felt tremendous love from Heavenly Parent and them. I will never forget my 25th birthday.” – Kaori

“None of my birthdays was celebrated by that many brothers and sisters in my life! Only my family did. I was very happy but very shy. I would like to spend my days to offer more joy to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!! Thank you.” – Norika

Japanese Culture Event

We CIGM held our ‘Japanese Culture Event’ on Friday 21st April. Our focus was on our guests. We made our internal goal as “Convey our message! Make them happy! Make them feel loved!” We were totally united and prepared for the event. With support and help by local Japanese members, our event was very successful. Three guests of the earlier CIGM (years 1-3) and six of our own guests came, making it a total of nine guests that attended.
We sung “Saranco” and Studio Ghibli songs in kimono’s and performed the Japanese “Souran Dance”. We tried to express heavenly culture and atmosphere. We played games like ring toss, Fukuwari and had quizzes. These helped the guests and members to get to know one another, we felt our heart become closer to our guests through the meal and cultural experience.
We could see new aspects from each guest, some expressed their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts. We are certain that True Love went beyond the language barrier.

Download the report here.



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