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Reopening of BC matching Site

The BF matching website has reopened. The BC website is a strong and modern tool to assist Parents in the matching and as an effective Parents’ matching assistance system. There is not much time remaining before the 2018 Blessing Ceremony. We hope that second generation members and their parents will use this website, and also hope that leaders together with Blessed Family Department lay ministers provide support to enhance good results.


Currently, candidates from all around the world are registered.  We would therefore like to provide the following information about the BC matching website (bcmatching.org) for parents or  candidates who are searching for a international match or spouse for themselves or son or daughter.

The BC matching website (bcmatching.org) for 2nd and 3rd generation members is open. It has been 10 years since the BC website was first created. We hope this will be a reliable tool for parents and their children entering the matching process and that it can provide an excellent forum to foster interaction.

The basic framework and method of the approach to the matching of second and third generation candidates has not changed. However, the design has improved, the security of the website has been strengthened and it is now more convenient to use. Those who have previously used this website will therefore feel comfortable to use the updated version. Additionally, we have sorted out the profiles of those who have already been matched or blessed so that they will not come out in the results of a search for available candidates. Those who have registered and who are waiting for their initial approval will be reviewed and approved. In addition, we will send an email to all applicants and candidates asking them to either update their information if they want their profile to remain on the site, or delete their profile if they do not.


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