2016 Financial Report for FFWPU


As you can see from the graphs (below) our expected income for 2016 was £434,328 but actual was £432,994 (we were down by 0.31% or in real terms £1,334). On the expense side of things we had a predicted spend of £408,672 and ended up spending £411,767 (an overspend of 0.81% or £3,293). This meant we were down a total of £4,443. Of course when you look at the graphs you can see there were pluses and minuses in both the Income and the Expenses but overall to come within these numbers show that the Budgeting plans for 2016 were remarkably accurate and adhered to.

We continue to look to maximise our potentials and are still playing catch up with Lancaster Gate properties but last year we did up the top flat, which is now being rented out and this will make a major difference to our income for the LG Flats. One property on the Estate which had a rent protected tenant came to an end and basically had to be gutted to bring it up to current standards. At the farm we now have two solar farms which are bringing in an average of £950 per acre each – we had rented out the arable land to a local farmer about four years ago for £260 an acre (up from £120 that we had been getting) but now since the price of wheat and cereals crashing, it will go back down to around £140 an acre in the rent review. Thankfully, due to the extra income from the solar farms, this will not affect the income as much as it would have done if we hadn’t gone down this road. We also received a couple of one off grants for having a cable run through part of our property from another solar electricity company. As you are probably aware Carlo and Barbara after many years of hard work and dedication are stepping down from Cleeve House and we are in the process of sorting out the place in terms of repairs/renewals and establishing a new license with new business tenants.

We have managed to increase the “Department Pot” for operations at Lancaster Gate by another 5% this year and will be spending a lot of money this year on Cleeve and Livingstone House. In the past we haven’t been able to keep on top of some of the buildings due to not having the finances to be able to do so, but last year we had a small surplus and will be investing into these properties sooner rather than later. There are always unexpected things around the corner that keep cropping up. A water meter was found at LG at the beginning of the year that hadn’t been read since the flats were converted 17 to 19 years and they wanted an average reading for all the missed years. Many thanks to those in the General Affairs office who sort out lots of these issues and problems that go on behind the scenes and keep everything running smoothly.

As always the Finance Committee and trustees are incredibly grateful to all those that look after and maintain each of the properties; attached are various reports from some of the property managers.

If you have any questions about the above or any other please feel free to email me at energy1@btconnect.com

God Bless – Simon – on behalf of the Finance Committee

Property Reports:

Livingstone House

General Overview.

  • A busy year with our ability to take residents (church members only) reaching our limit at various times. The increase in outside classes has also increased substantially to the point where we are frequently turning down bookings. The NCT are now our biggest client and have bookings a year in advance. There has also been an increase in use by the church. The National Leader, European Director and European Blessing Dept. Leader and the local Church staff all have offices in the building. This increased occupancy has led to greater wear and tear on the building which will need addressing in the year ahead. More investment into repairs and upgrading will begin this year particularly in the building’s plumbing and roof. The biggest issue facing us is the shortage of qualified staff in running the building and its activities.


  • Ongoing roof repairs. No major repairs were undertaken in 2106 as was planned, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the contractor involved. These repairs although not urgent are still to be completed at the earliest opportunity and plans are currently underway for work to continue when the weather permits.
  • Considerable problems throughout the year with the bathrooms and general plumbing.
  • Garden. Clearing the area of neglected undergrowth at the front of the property and attempts to make it useable are under way. Some large trees have been cut back by a tree surgeon.
  • Car park and driveway lighting is being planned as many evening classes are now taking place.
  • Annual turnover £80k
  • NCT (National Child Birth Trust) has started having regular classes booked a year in advance. They are extremely happy with Livingstone House.
  • Little Fingers playgroup no longer uses LH, because they have closed due to competition.
  • Pregnancy Yoga Classes have increased.
  • Mother and toddler Yoga increased.
  • Young people’s yoga has started and is doing well.
  • Pilates Classes have increased.
  • Occasional Bed and Breakfast guests.
  • 2-week English Language school booking in the summer from Italy.
  • Demand for children’s parties is high although we book only a few.
  • ILC London 2016 – meetings and guests in LH.
  • U.C Bromley community on Sunday Service, Regular Volley ball, 2nd Gen meetings, Holy days, Special education seminars, Martial arts training, Evening meetings, Children’s ministry.
  • U.C. National of Korean VIP visits, European presidents’ meetings, Meetings with National leader, Meetings with European Blessed Family Director.
  • Workshops — 3x Carp, SAWS, 2 days DP, 7 Days DP, Wait , Japanese Sisters witnessing ws.

Stanton Fitzwarren Estate

2016 was a blessed year for the estate with large renovations/repairs successfully completed and good progress made at the Won Jeon to maintain and improve it.

We invested back into the properties with necessary large renovations/repairs this year. The roofs of the period properties were built at a similar time and have needed repairing. With the wet weather we have had and are likely to have moving forward, it is important to keep all roofs in good condition.

All repair/renovation work has reinvested money back into the properties to make sure that the donation the Masters family made to the movement continues to be a valuable asset to the work we are doing. It is also so important to maintain all the buildings to a good standard as a testimony to the lives of our T.P.

Brief financial information

  • Total income: £179K
  • Total contribution to FFWPU: £66K
  • Total invested back into the estate: £81K

Many of our tenants are long term tenants and tend to take excellent care of the houses they live in. This year only two tenants changed and we achieved 99% rent for the year which is excellent and something to be proud of.

Main works carried out

  • New roof on No.10 & 12
  • Part of the Mill Cottage roof and trees cut down or cut back
  • No. 18: rewiring, roof repair, new kitchen etc.
  • A new shower room, conservatory, a new boiler
  • Three property’s porches renewed
  • Three property’s had new fences put up
  • Many properties had small repairs made to their roofs and chimneys

Holy Oak Memorial Woodland

Our dearest brother Derric Davis’s interment was carried out in April. It was attended by many members, relatives and friends of Deric. A truly memorable and heart warming ceremony.

We have received many VIP guests from overseas and they paid their respects to each grave as representatives of T.P. Lots of work was carried out: Two new gates, three more flower beds with new fences around, new hedges planted, a foot path renewed and replaced a broken fence by the woodland. We have cleared some of the woodland by the Won Jeon to make it more tidy and presentable.

Also hundreds of daffodils and crocus bulbs planted. We are looking forward to welcoming the beautiful flowers in the spring. A huge thank you to Noboru Tukui, Ed Stacey and Kayoko Johnson for their continued support throughout the year. Without their help, the Won Jeon would not be what it is now.

It was a busy but very successful 2016 and we are ready and looking forward to 2017!

Holy Oak Farm, Stanton Fitzwarren

In February, the Estates’ 2nd Solar Farm, Beech Solar Farm was completed & connected to the National Grid. The rent increase is 5 times the current agriculture value. Though this acreage has been taken out of agriculture use it will supply electricity for over 1000 homes. In a few years it will be possible to graze sheep under the panels. This will bring the obvious benefits but will also help to improve the soil to a healthier condition through the natural organic fertiliser from the sheep. For the 25 years the area will also be more beneficial for the wildlife. (http://www.jbmsol.com/case-studies/.) Due to grain prices falling by half at the end of last September the agriculture rent was cut by nearly half.

At Beech Farm an area of land was cleared of junk by some volunteers.

Thames Water are using the rail track in order to access fields were a new water pipe is being laid from Blunsdon to near Marlborough, about 18km. This will enable them to reduce extraction from 2 small rivers. The track will be reinstated at the end of their use which has been prolonged till end March 2017.

The Swindon Council have been using Hosil Lane, this time to repair the dam to the lake in Stanton Park which was collapsing.

Nearly 500 tonnes of stone had to be used. Hosil Lane will be made good in the spring. If the dam had collapsed some houses could have been flooded as well as estate farm land.

Dam wall Beech Farm, water was ingressing through the bricks. Took 20 litres of Sandex paint Cost £180 Land drain into South Farm pond was renewed as the field was very water logged after rain. This was caused by a pipe blocked by roots from a nearby Birch tree. Though it had not rained for a long time clear water continuously ran through it for a few days! Cost £550 The Equestrian tenant cleared brush, re-dug the ditch and erected this fencing.

The As part of the planning application for Stanton Solar farm a neighbour has now planted 100 apple trees.

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