Our New Trustees!


We have recently had two new trustees join our team, Terry Sweeney and Tim Read. Here are some short biography’s fromT erry and Tim:

I joined UM in June 1976, aged 19, and was a full-time missionary for 8 years (mostly MFT) before becoming a home member ever since.  I have had many different job roles and studies (including LLM) before teaching law for 18 years at one of the biggest colleges in the UK.  Now retired from teaching and involved in various projects.  In terms of past experience of sitting on committee boards, I was Chair of Governors for two years at a Catholic Primary School which included 5 years as a parent governor.  Currently, I sit as a parent governor at a Catholic Secondary School.   At my workplace, I served as a teaching trade union leader for 9 years, negotiating with senior management over employment terms and conditions of service for teaching staff.   I hope to bring some of these experiences to bear in serving on FFWPU’s Board of Trustees.  Thank you.


I joined HSAUWC in May 1978, did my 3.5 years MFT training, and worked as a salesperson for the ginseng business for a short time. I then went on to work in publications and later joined our student group (CARP) in 1983. I then worked in the UK lecturing and doing PR for the CAUSA project. I again worked in publications, and in October 1989 worked in Oxford as CARP city director. I became UK CARP national director in October 1990, national director of HSAUWC in 1996 and North-West European regional director for the FFWPU  in 1999. I retired from full-time work in the FFWPU in 2008 and started my own web-design business.
I am currently Chair of our local FFWPU family community council in South London, and am on the FFWPU Council of Communities.
I have been very involved in the re-organisation of our FFWPU in recent years and hope to support that change in my new position as trustee. If you have any issues you want to raise with me with regards to how the FFWPU is organised or run, please contact me.



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