Launching a list of national prayer points

The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. The focusing of our sincerest devotion moves heaven; by announcing our intentions, good spirits are alerted to our plans, aims and hopes. The regular reporting of these prayers also conditions ourselves to become mindful of that which we treasure; our spiritual antennae grow stronger, becoming more sensitive to opportunities or threats that may be relevant to the things for which we pray. Thus a synergy is created between the physical and spiritual worlds, the resulting harmony of which catalyses miraculous results.

There are many prayer warriors in our community of blessed families. Each community also has, or is in the process of developing, its own local prayer team. If you have a personal prayer request, for which an additional boost of spiritual power would be welcome, I encourage you to pass on your prayer request to your local prayer team leader, or at least to your local community pastor. You may also be part of a home group, in which each member also prays for each other. A beautiful demonstration of love for each other is by offering prayers for each other, perhaps for strength and health, success with studies or career, fortitude in the face of temptation or comfort in a time of bereavement.

Within our Unificationist tradition, we have received much encouragement to pray for the highest level possible, to stretch our hearts to be concerned with God’s greatest concerns. With this in mind, borne out of a request discussed at the most recent Council of Communities meeting in January, I’m happy to announce that we are launching a national list of prayer points. This list cannot be exhaustive, yet an effort has been made to narrow its focus to allow you not to suffer from prayer fatigue. The list will continually be revised, made available on a regular basis through this website and our newsletter, so that everyone can keep up to date on what the nation is praying for.

Please find the prayer points below. You may also download a pdf of the prayer points and either save it to your smartphone or tablet (so you can pray on the go) or print it off and keep it in a place where you will be likely to pray over the points.

I invite you to offer consistent and regular prayer for these points. Some of you will manage to focus on this list on a daily basis; others may only be able to sincerely focus on these points once a week. I’m not so concerned with the frequency, more so on the level of sincerity, so please use your discernment to decide how you might be able to include these prayer points into your regular prayer routine. (And if you don’t yet have an established prayer routine, you could use these prayer points as encouragement to begin a prayer routine that fits around your lifestyle.)

I am looking forward to seeing the transforming power that will emerge from a nationwide community of individuals muttering soft words in front of candle-lit altars, silently thinking while commuting, shouting out to the universe from a park or field, in unison with each other with unified resolve. I invite you to make your own personal contribution to this national effort.

Written by Matthew Huish

National Prayer Points (2018-Feb-13)

 International & National Leadership

  • The safety and success of True Mother’s visit to Vienna at the end of April:
    • main event Sunday 29th April
    • launch of the Interreligious Association for Peace & Development (IAPD)
    • youth event on Saturday 28th April
  • Good, spirit-filled and principled leadership of our Unificationist communities
    • Michael & Fumiko Balcomb (Europe & Middle East Region)
    • David & Kyung Ja Hanna (North Europe Region)
    • Matthew & Natasha Huish (UK)
  • Theresa May and her government to negotiate the best departure from the European Union without tearing apart the country

 The FFWPU Mission – Blessing, Home Groups & Education

  • The success of local Family Festivals and Marriage Blessing events:
    • 24th February in South London
    • 25th February in Scotland
  • The success of transformational workshops:
    • 9-11 February, Cleeve House, Weekend Workshop, Peace Starts with Me
    • 31 March – 6 April, Cleeve House, Easter Divine Principle HARP workshop
    • 10-16 June, Cleeve House, Life, the Universe & Everything
    • 21-26 July, Cleeve House, Children’s Summer Camp
    • 18-25 August, Cleeve House, Summer HARP workshop
    • 2-8 September, Cleeve House, Leadership & Community Building
  • The success of the Blessing Information Days:
    • 10-13 February in Manchester
    • 16-20 February in Scotland
    • 3-4 March in South London
    • 10-11 March in Bromley
    • 23-25 March in Birmingham
    • 7-8 April in Wales & West Country
  • The success of transformational training programmes:
    • STF
    • DONE
  • The growth of home groups in every community, in quality and in quantity

 Additional Points

  • Find the most suitable replacements for key HQ roles:
    • Head of General Affairs
    • HARP leader
    • CARP leader
    • PR & Media Officer

3 Responses to “Launching a list of national prayer points”

  1. Andy Johnson
    February 17, 2018 at 11:22 pm #

    How about praying for our nations, indeed the nations of the world. Perhaps that some great and moral leaders, and champions can emerge, find True Parents and help lead the battle against immorality, the destruction of the family and the ever pervasive LGBT ( homosexual ) lobby. The LGBT agenda in my mind is one of the most sinister movements in the world today. Those of us working in our communities can see clearly that our children are under terrible attack through the schools and all media. The last minister for education is a self proclaimed lesbian and used her position to push her personal ideas forward. We can make a big difference if we try. God is surely with us as heDavid

  2. Andy Johnson
    February 17, 2018 at 11:24 pm #

    Sorry I pressed send by accident.
    May God Bless us in our endeavours
    Andy Johnson

  3. Anne Kobayashi
    February 18, 2018 at 5:12 pm #

    Could a prayer for the re-unification of North and South Korea be included?
    It has been very encouraging to see some small progress in this area during the Winter Olympics. It might be good to pray for this to continue and develop.
    Thank you for all the other Prayer Points on the list.

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