Joy Giving Campaign – FINAL TEN DAYS

With fewer than a dozen days remaining until the beginning of the New Year (according to the Cheon Il Guk Calendar) on Friday 16th February, we are entering the final quarter of the 40-day Joy Giving Campaign.

The 4th booklet of daily readings and inspiration is available to download, which you can use from Tuesday 6th until Thursday 15th February. There are a number of individuals who made significant contributions to the creation of this campaign, especially the compilation of these booklets, who deserve acknowledgement:

Firstly, the idea for having a campaign in the first place came from the National Director, Natasha Huish. This was discussed with the National Council, who agreed on the theme and format of the campaign. Readings were submitted by Susan Crosthwaite, Francis Fobbie, Cecilie Fortune, Ron German, William Haines and Matthew Huish. The booklet design was developed by a German 2nd generation sister, Clarissa Schmitt, and the General Affairs team of Tom O’Connell and Selina Luis performed a number of jobs to get the booklets ready for printing.

(A special mention also for Farouq and his colleagues at KallKwik – may God continue to bless their printing business!)

As we count down the days until the end of the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk, let’s make a successful conclusion to the year by offering this campaign with genuine joy. May the joy in your hearts continue to overflow abundantly, transforming everyone around you with infectious joy!

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  1. Luz
    February 5, 2018 at 7:49 am #

    Good morning!

    We need a Research Department. In this way we (if I could be included in the “we”) could make a global impact. The booklets are amazing! And wonder whether we could carry out a rigorous research and have two control groups.

    In the process of applying for my PhD if this could be made possible. I would be the researcher within that interface.

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