Invitation to “Principles of Living”

“Principles of Living” –  a compelling and inspiring insight into the universal spiritual principles which explain the nature of our existence and how love relationships work in an aspirational ideal world.

“Principles of Living” – a clear practical  explanation of how relationships break down but most importantly how our relationships can be restored to a healthy wholesome state.

The seminar has been developed by Tim Miller in response to a need to educate a growing number of people wanting answers to fundamental questions. The lecture content appeals to people of all backgrounds and all levels of religious conviction and encourages them to make positive changes to their own lives. They will be inspired to discover more!

Everyone is invited to attend – guests hearing Principle for the first time,  members who would like to learn how to teach in this style.  This seminar is especially suitable for young people who would like to introduce Principle to their friends and colleagues.

The lectures will be filmed and be available with the PowerPoint slides to everyone who attends.

£10 is too cheap!


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  1. Russell Gough
    May 21, 2017 at 11:30 am #

    I’ll be coming th my guest Annette Rose. (62 years). She’s heard all the DP.

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