Free Service Available to Members

Every time you want to send money to FFWPU Korea or Germany you need to pay expensive international bank transfer charges. FFWPU UK can help your donation reach its destination for no fee at all! By collecting donations from all FFWPU UK members and sending them in bulk to FFWPU Korea or FFWPU Germany both you and FFWPU UK can save money.

If you wish to use this entirely free service all you need to do is send in a gift aid form to HQ (download here), which allows FFWPU UK to claim back income tax paid on the donation you’re sending. Then bank transfer the desired donation amount to FFWPU UK (at The Royal Bank of Scotland, FFWPU, 10017942, 16-00-82) along with the purpose of the donation in the reference section eg. Anc. Lib., Anc. Blessing, Cheong Seong donations, Foundation Day donations, TF Seung Hwa Anniversary donations, Total Living Offering, World Fund, etc. (This is very important as without it, the donation won’t reach the desired purpose.).

Finally, you just need to send a brief email to our Accounts Office (Helena) with any additional comments you have to make sure that your donation arrives where it needs to go. (For example what ancestor group is being liberated or being blessed. – If you have any questions about ancestor liberation please contact Joanna De Souza, who will be happy to assist you.)

Following this, the funds transferred will reach their intended destination within 7-14 days. The Gift Aid form funds the donations that are being sent thus making this a free service for users, where 100% of the donation reaches its intended destination.

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  1. Anna Johnson
    April 14, 2017 at 8:42 pm #

    Great this is being mentioned. I am all for Gift Aid as it can make such a difference. Funny picture too- it captured my attention!

    Send an email to Helena- can you please edit this post and enter that email adress, as most people moght not have her email address?

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