An Inspirational Weekend with Divine Principle (in Scotland)

An Inspirational Weekend with Divine Principle (in Scotland)

June 1st-3rd, starting 6pm on Friday and ending at 12am on Sunday. Cannot make it Friday by 6pm? Just let us know and we’ll work out something for you (late dinner, briefing of the Intro, a special bed next to your friend, etc.) 😉

The Chalet, at Bonaly Outdoor Center, Edinburgh

Indoor Accommodation

(pick-ups can be arranged from Edinburgh airport or train station)

Physical and Spiritual FOOD!!! (about 6-7 portions of each kind, the menu will be prepared by loving cooks and enthusiastic lecturers such as Gustavo Santos, Simone Tammiso, and David Fraser Harris)
There will also be a lot of free time for sports, sightseeing, etc
Friends included 🙂

How much?
A real bargain! The Scottish community is very generous and they are discussing to cover more than half of the costs! That means you’ll be left to pay less than £35… Isn’t that crazy?! There are even discounts available for groups or families. So what are you waiting for? Make your travels arrangements now and confirm your participation J

How to register?
Contact us, Robert and Oksana, by any means of communication you can find about us. But hurry up, because there are only 33 places available and almost half are already taken (:o even before making the official announcement)

Thank you very much!

Scottish translation:

‘n Inspirational Weekend wi’ DP (‘n Alba)

June 1st-3rd, starting 6pm oan end eh the week ‘n’ the end at 12am oan sunday. Cannae mak’ it end eh the week by 6pm? juist let us ken ‘n’ we’ll wirk oot something fur ye (late tea, briefing o’ th’ intro, a special kip neist tae yer mukker, etc.) 😉

The Chalet, at Bonaly Outdoor Center, Auld Reekie

Indoor Accommodation

(pick-ups kin be arranged fae auld reekie airport or train station)

Physical ‘n’ spiritual fairn!!! (about 6-7 portions o’ ilk kind, th’ menu wull be prepared by lou’in cooks ‘n’ enthusiastic lecturers sic as Gustavo Santos, Simone Tammiso, ‘n’ Dauvit Fraser Harris)
there wull an’ a’ be a lot o’ free time fur sports, sightseeing, etc
Mukkers included 🙂

Howfur muckle?
A real bargain! th’ scots community is gey generous ‘n’ they’re blethering tae cover mair than hauf o’ th’ costs! that means ye’ll be left tae pay less than £30… isn’t that doolally!? thare ur even discounts am free fur groups or families. Sae whit urr ye waiting fur? mak’ yer travels arrangements noo ‘n’ confirm yer participation 

How tae register?
Contact us, Rabbie ‘n’ Oksana McTorok, by ony means o’ communication ye kin fin’ aboot us. Bit hurry up, fur thare ur ainlie 33 places am free ‘n’ a’maist hauf ur awready taken (:o even afore making th’ official announcement)

Thenk ye uncoly!

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