Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop Schedule for December


Even though Foundation Day has now passed, you can still apply to liberate your ancestors up until the 210th generation in any 2-day workshop. For the ancestor liberation, please offer a 21- day condition of devotion (breakfast fast or 50 bows) regardless of the number of generations you are liberating.

Amid True Parents’ blessings, Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies for the 211th to the 420th generation of ancestors are being carried out.

For five months from November 2016 to March 2017, the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for generations 295~301 and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for generations 288-294 are being held.

2-day Workshop Schedule for December 2016 (Opening ceremony begins at 6:40 PM.)


For more information on ancestor liberation and the workshop program please click HERE

Your National Standard Ancestor Liberation Donation: HERE

2 Responses to “Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop Schedule for December”

  1. Chanda Mesina
    February 27, 2017 at 6:23 pm #

    My father passed away on February 8, 2017, he is not a member of our church, can I liberate him, how can I give my donation for spiritual liberation?

    • March 15, 2017 at 10:59 am #

      A reply from Joanna de Souza:

      This is an important point for all of us members. It is really important to liberate our parents and family members. Even though they are not members of Unification Church/ FFWPU they are directly related to us and need our assistance to go to the best place in the spirit world and we in turn need their assistance to improve our ancestors lineage before and generations to come.

      Every weekend a liberation workshop takes place in Cheongpyeong and we are invited to participate even though we are unable to attend in person. Information about the member and also a little information relating to the person to be liberated and a donation is required for Cheongpyeong.
      HQ sends donations to Korea regularly.

      Please send mail c/o J de Souza – FFWPU 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA.
      Members can also make contact via email address: – Mobile: 07585920238

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