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FFWPU 2075 Wedding Blessing Anniversa...

Thirty-eight UK FFWPU couples that attended celebrated their 36th Blessing Anniversary at a luncheon held at Livingstone House, Chislehurst. Of those UK couples, have sprung 109 children and 6 grand-children so far. How many couples are still married? Thirty-five of those couples are still married. In an age of relatively high divorce rates it’s a […]

FFWPU Blessing Ceremony, South Korea,...

2018 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Date and time: 7.17 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk (August 27), Monday, at 9:30 a.m. Venue: Cheongshim Peace World Center Participants: 1) 1st and 2nd generation matched single members 2) Married Couples and […]

UK Video News Request

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Many greetings from the Europe and Middle East Office. Every week we produce the EUME-VideoNews, trying to cover most of your important activities and events, big and small – to have everyone participate in your efforts and inspire everyone in our big region and beyond and to report directly to True […]

Reopening of BC matching Site

The BF matching website has reopened. The BC website is a strong and modern tool to assist Parents in the matching and as an effective Parents’ matching assistance system. There is not much time remaining before the 2018 Blessing Ceremony. We hope that second generation members and their parents will use this website, and also hope that leaders together with Blessed Family […]

Blessing Information Day for Central ...

My name is Aryan Rai and I am 16 years old, currently studying History, Maths, Chemistry and Divinity at high school. I participated in the Blessing Information Day hosted by Central London Community Church that took place in Lancaster Gate on the 27th of May. The event followed on from the normal Harp service, and […]

Blessing Event in South Korea, 27th A...

We would like to inform you about the upcoming Blessing in 2018 which will take place in Korea. The Blessing day itself is scheduled for August 27th 2018. This memo is for the attention of Second and Third Generation matched couples. At the end of this letter is a summary of the main points to […]

118 Couple Blessing Anniversary

118 Couple Blessing FFWPU Unification Church from ffwpuorguk Some Photos from the slide show

European Parents Matching Convocation

We would like to invite parents of Blessed Children and Jacob Children, who have children of matching age, or who are approaching matching age, to attend our upcoming European Parents Matching Convocation. Click here to read the Parents Matching Convocation May 2018 Invitation pdf  During this weekend you will receive practical information as well as […]

New Blessing Application System is On...

http://www.blessingapplication.eu by Orlande Schenk, European Second Generation Department This is to inform you that a new online application system is live and available to you now! This will make the administration of the Blessing application more simple and efficient, both for you as users and for the Blessing Department staff as administrators. From now on, this […]

Announcing our Parents Matching Suppo...

Please note that the BFMatch org website is off line.  If you are a blessing and matching candidate, or their parents, now is a good time talk in person to your local blessing department staff members.  In the United Kingdom, the Parents Matching Support Team Couple are Chris and Carol Jubb, and our UK Matching Supporter is Keiko Brouard.      […]