Budgeting for the growth of the Family Federation

It’s a great privilege that the Family Federation in the UK has a significant budget to spend on its activities. It is worthy of praise that our Heavenly Parent continues to bless our finances due to the hard work of a number of individuals who manage our properties and assets, and due to the faithful tithing of blessed families up and down the country. 90% of local tithing remains in the local community, so most of the HQ expenses are supported by properties and estate owned by FFWPU. It is truly remarkable that we are in such a fortunate position.

At the end of last year, the FFWPU National Council was told by its Finance Committee that the HQ budget for 2017 would be 5% larger than the previous year, an annual total of £265,500. In order to decide how much each department could receive, the National Council received budget requests from various departments and affiliated organisations, which explained their plans for the following year. At the end of November 2016, this year’s budget was decided, which has been put into effect since the start of this year.

The good news is that seven of the bodies were successful in receiving increased funding. These included:

  • the Association of British Clergy (ABC)
  • the Blessed Family Department (BFD)
  • the Communications Office
  • the General  Affairs Office
  • the Universal Peace Federation (UPF)
  • the Women’s Federation for World Peace & Unification (WFWP)
  • the Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle (CARP)

The other departments either had their budgets frozen or, in three instances, their budgets were reduced upon the request of the relevant department. An entirely new budget was created to support Blessing events, the Annual Gathering Festival, and meetings of the National Council and Council of Communities.

This pie chart below shows how the monthly budget has been divided amongst the different departments and organisations:

It’s important to note that the National Council had no say on staff wages – these are set separately. It may be of interest to know that the HR office is currently reviewing the wages of FFWPU employees in order to create wage scale policies so that staff are fairly and sustainably remunerated for their work done.

Please pray for increased prosperity in our financial activities, and also pray for our investments into projects and activities to bear great fruits, as we aim to serve this nation’s spiritual needs.

Written by Matthew Huish

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