Blessing Information Day at the Peace Embassy 4th March 2017

Everyone parents and children who are thinking about matching or blessing is welcome to attend the day.  It is an information day and there is no commitment required.  It is also a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experience and journey of others.  

Patrick and Yebunys’ main purpose will be to meet the 2nd generation who attend the day and lead separate brothers and sisters discussions.  They will also give a talk in the afternoon on practical and internal preparation for Matching and Blessing.



  11.25 Call together – get seated and Introductions by MC Franklyn Fortune?

11.30  Intro by (Member of BFD committee) about BFD

11.35  Talk – Meaning of the Blessing and Change of Lineage by William Haines

12.20  Break with refreshments

12.40  Couple interview or testimony –   Keishin and Yasu Hide interviewed by Sam Reid?

13.00  Lunch and networking  – opportunity to chat with members of BFD team

14.30  Parents Matching Support and Updates with Chris and Carol Jubb

15.10  Couple interview – In-sun Tribe and Josh McInerheney interviewed by Sebastian  O’Connor

15.30  Talk on preparation (practical and internal) Patrick and Yebuny Hanna

16.15  Break with refreshments

16.35  Break-out session (2nd Gen male and female discussion groups – with Patrick and Yebuny Hanna) and a parents’ group

17.15 Questions and answers to a panel

  1. 00 Finish

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