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Special Donation Supporting Foundation Day and True Parents’ Birthday 2018

We want to encourage UK FFWPU to make some donation – even if it isn’t the encouraged amount – so you can feel that we are making a meaningful contribution to the special events that will take place in Korea. We emphasis that these donations will be used to fund this special event which is for the worldwide membership, not just for Korea, especially the people from around the world lucky enough to be at the events themselves, but also we can watch online. Deadline for donations is February 10th, 2018.



To Make a Donation, please use the UK FFWPU account, Bank transfer the amount to ( The Royal Bank of Scotland, FFWPU, 10017942, 16-00-82) along with the purpose of the donation in the reference section eg “Special donation to support the Fifth Anniversary of Foundation Day and True Parents’ Birthday 2018” (This is very important as without it, the donation won’t reach the desired purpose.).

Finally, please send a brief email to our Accounts Office (Helena) with any additional comments you have to make sure that your donation arrives where it needs to go. (If you have any questions please contact Helena, on Monday, Thursday, or Friday, who will be happy to assist you.)

To talk to someone in Lancaster Gate during the weekdays,  our telephone number is tel: 44 (0)207 723 0721

Post: FFWPU National Office, 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA
E-mail: HQ@ffwpu.org.uk
tel: 44 (0)207 723 0721

Click here to download the donation form pdf English language


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