We have an African project this year in Zambia.

Last year 5 people (2nd Gen and 1st Gen) went to Benin and helped with providential work. * Benin Project report

Kathy Rigney (She is the most successful missionary in Africa) will welcome a group of mostly young people and CARP members who will come as lecturers. We would also like to include a few first generation.

Nation: Zambia
Activity: Help the CARP workshops by giving Divine Principle lectures (2 days and 7 days Workshop level – simple lectures), Visit VIPs and help with the Holy Blessing Ceremonies

Date and Period: Start in the middle of July, ideally for a period of 40 days
Fees: Your own flight, visa, vaccinations and pocket money. *(Some financial support is available)

Kathy Rigney and Evelyn will organise the schedule in Africa.

Our vision

  • In Zambia CARP has 370 members, they will have big workshops so they need help giving lectures and as general staff) and to exchange experience of university life.
  • Last year the ILC in Zambia was a huge success, 70 chiefs came to the conference so we can help to develop their PR work by visiting the VIPs.
  • As you know, African Tribal Messiah Blessing is doing very well. We want them to be able to plug into one of the most active and dynamic areas in our worldwide movement. Kathy first went to the Philippines and inherited how to do the Blessing and expand the system into Africa.
  • The participants will also learn about the Tribal Messiah Blessing and catch the spiritual atmosphere.
  • After they come back from Africa to their own nations, they can give their testimonies to their local African communities, churches etc. and if possible work with ABC or UPF.

If you are interested in the project please contact me as soon as possible.

Mieko Davies
Mobile: 07941 877 222
Line : Mieko Davies
WhatsApp: 07941 877 222
Skype: Mieko Tochigi Davies

One Response to “AFRICAN PROJECT 2017”

  1. Francis Fobbie
    March 14, 2017 at 12:11 pm #

    Hi Mieko San,

    This is good and all the best with this great mission.

    Mieko San I have few questions though:

    1. Is Zambian CARP not able to raise few Second or First Gen CARP members to give Divine Principle Lectures to their own people but rather get volunteers from Europe to that for them?

    2. Is it that whoever is volunteering to go should be able to give DP lecture and not necessarily giving DP lecture as main activity?

    If they have that many CARP members – 370 – I’m sure they must be doing something rights such as given DP lecture.

    I would have thought that the volunteers could do witnessing and other activities as appropriate the needs of the Zambian CARP. Else, some people who want to go but are not confident in given DP lectures could potentially be discouraged. More importantly, it is really crucial to recognise, enhance and appreciate those, like you doing your bit here, who are already doing and/or given DP lectures over there.

    Great mission and all the best! Do let me know if I could be of any help.

    Fobbie, Francis

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