A.B.C. In Birmingham

The inaugural meeting of the A.B.C.in Birmingham was held on 25 th February 2017 in the Church Lane Centre. It was a perfect venue, with all necessary facilities to hand. Imogene and Ruthlyn had prepared the meeting, inviting guests and preparing refreshments with help of Dalia, a local friend.

The topic was Unity for God’s Kingdom, and Tom Knight was a very good and inspiring MC. Tom Pritty came to play the guitar for us despite not feeling well. Immediately we began singing the atmosphere heightened dramatically and one could feel the presence of very high spiritual support. Meanwhile in Oxford Jennifer Mkumi was praying for the event and understood that Jesus and Heungjin nim were supporting us.

June Darby spoke about the aims, development and projects of the ACLC and A.B.C., and of Father Moon’s desire to revitalise the Christian spirit. Her talk was very
uplifting. Pastor Ebenezer gave a very moving testimony about how he was raised a Christian then had fallen away to lead a very unprincipled life, until God’s grace renewed his faith. We enjoyed delicious refreshments around the dining room table in a warm and friendly environment as experiences and testimonies were shared, and we got to know one another better.

David Earle had suggested that we begin small, and we had 2 Christian guests, Pastor Ebenezer and Frank, with 6 brothers and sisters supporting us. Everyone felt inspired and renewed, and motivated to do more.

-Ruthlyn Bidard and Imogene Shongwe

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