5-year scholarships available for aspiring students

Young students with leadership potential are being sought to study in Korea for 5 years. The Hyo Jeong World Peace Foundation will be selecting recommended candidates, who show promise as future leaders, to receive substantial scholarships, to study the Korean language for one year and then continue their studies (in Korean) at Sun Moon University.

A. Numbers of Students being accepted:

25 applicants

B. Qualifications:

Candidates must satisfy all of the eight conditions below.

  1. Must have citizenship other than Korean (persons with Korean citizenship or Korean dual citizenship, may apply by a separate set of conditions specified in the below guidelines).
  2. High school graduates or students expecting to graduate from high school in the summer of 2017 (students who received other academic schooling apart from formal high school education, will be evaluated by Sun Moon University for entrance qualification assessment).
  3. Students who have adequate health, both physically and mentally to study abroad for a long period of sojourn. * All students are required to take medical examinations upon arrival in Korea, and may be rejected for further sojourn in Korea depending on the severity of their health disorder.
  4. Students who have been a member of the Unification Church for at least one year and has completed 3-day Divine Principle Workshop or longer within the last 3 years. * Each continental headquarters and national headquarters must confirm and recommend candidates.
    * The scholarship may be stripped from the selected grantee at any time, if the grantee upon further assessment is judged to be lacking in faith, holds negative connotations to the learning environment conducive to academic pursuit, and violates the purpose of the Global Scholarship Program.
  5. Students wishing to join the Public mission readied by their Continental Headquarters after completing their scholarship program.
    * Applicants enrolling at Universal Peace Academy will be given preference.
  6. Students who have not finished the undergraduate course.
  7. Students who will complete the full Korean Language Course (one year) and the Undergraduate Course (four years).
    * Note, students completing the Korean Language course, and going on to their undergraduate studies, will be evaluated by the foundation before being given scholarship.
    * Students who do not complete the programme without an acceptable reason must return the scholarship funding they have received.
  8. Students who accept the mandatory clauses put forth by the HJ World Peace Foundation and Sun Moon University during their period of studying abroad.
    * They must satisfy attendance requirements for organized events such as : HDH, Sunday Service, students’ joint meetings or activities

C. Selection Procedure


  1. Each continental headquarters will evaluate the scholarship applications and submit their recommendations.
  2. Each continental headquarters must send the applicants’ original documents to Sunmoon University by post.
  3. HJ World Peace Foundation will review the recommended applicants, and announce its final decision to each continental headquarters.

D. How to Submit Documents

1) Due date:
Documents must arrive at SMU by July 13, 2017.
* See detailed process of application in the below guidelines.

2) Required documents:
All documents specified in the guidelines.
* All documents must be submitted to Sunmoon University by postal mail. These must be original documents. If documents are missing, the application will not be accepted. Any submission after the due date will also not be received. (If submitting the said documents within the due date is difficult, please consult with the front office beforehand and make the necessary arrangements.)

3) Mailing address:
Sun Moon University, Korean Language Institute
277, Cheonan-Daero, Dongnam-Gu, Cheonan-si, Chung Nam, 330-719,
South Korea
Tel : +82-41-559-1304 Fax : +82-41-559-1310
E-mail : sunmoonkli@gmail.com / Mr. Haruto Omoto

E. Benefits for the Scholarship Students

  1. Korean Language Institute tuition : Full tuition fee
  2. Undergraduate Course : Full tuition will be covered throughout the undergraduate course. (WPF 70%, SMU 30%)
    * Students with Korean dual nationality may not receive 30% of the scholarship funding, but in the case the candidates’ parents currently work for the church, 30% of the scholarship will be additionally covered by the HJ World Peace Foundation upon submission of all necessary documents (refer to the programme for proper guidelines).
  3. Boarding and food expenses will be fully covered for students from the 13 strategic nations.
  4. The HJ World Peace Foundation will not be liable for other expenses apart from the ones outlined above.

F. Other Considerations

  1. Upon entering Korea, all scholarship students must pay approximately $900 as dormitory fee (10 meals per week), before they are eligible to officially enrol in the school.
  2. We firmly request all continental headquarters to go through a strict selection process and only recommend students with a firm standard of faith.
  3. The HJ World Peace Foundation will inform all admitted candidates individually by e-mail. If there is no reply to the e-mail, the scholarship will be cancelled.

G. Other Matters

Please refer to the below programme guidelines.

# Attachments

  1. Information on the 2017-2nd Semester Wonmo Pyeongae Global Scholarship Future Church Leader 1+4 Course Programme
  2. Wonmo Pyeongae Global Scholarship Student Programme Application Form
  3. Recommendation Letter
  4. Scholarship Student Public Service Pledge
  5. Wonmo Pyeongae Global Scholarship Essay

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