40 days of devotion starting this Sunday

Our True Mother is inviting us to enter into a period of renewal, by bequeathing 4 Holy Gifts to every blessed family and bestowing Special Grace for all those who want to accept it. Are we ready for the 40-day period of devotion starting this Sunday? Are we ready to accept God’s amazing grace?

The 40-day devotion is one of five separate offerings we are being invited to make in order to prepare ourselves to receive the Special Grace and Holy Gifts:

  1. TrueMother-his-3Devotion
  2. Donation
  3. Education
  4. Attitude
  5. Resolution

(The first letters of these 5 words spell the word ‘D-DEAR’!)

The devotion consists of offering daily scripture study (hoon dok hwe) and 40 full bows/prostrations (kyeong bae) for 40 days. If physical limitations prevent full bows, a suitable alternative may be agreed with your local pastor. There is no specification regarding the content to study each day or the length of time spent studying, but you may want to study the recently published Cham Bu Mo Gyeong in order to understand True Parents more deeply.

The donation requested from each family is £100. This is not a fee; it is a donation of gratitude which will be sent to Korea. Through this donation, all our possessions can be symbolically offered to God and we can have the mindset that everything is holy.

With respect to education, every family member above the age of 16 will be invited to attend a 1-day programme in their local community, the dates of which will be announced very soon. An interactive workbook has been prepared by Dr David Hanna, the director of the European Blessed Family & Education Department, which will be used to guide everyone through the journey of education. While a physical copy of this workbook will be printed for every member and distributed by the FFWPU HQ, you can already view and download a copy of it. You might want to study it in your regular home group meetings or as a supplement to your daily scripture study.

The attitude we should aim to cultivate over this period of time is that of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which is the tradition established by God and exemplified by True Parents. As a first step, it may help simply to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for our life and all our blessings.

Finally, all of us are invited to write down a written resolution of determination in which we sincerely admit and repent for our past mistakes (particularly those mistakes committed since the special grace of the Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day blessing in 2013) and resolve to make a new start. We don’t need to write our name on the resolution forms. Everyone’s resolution forms will be collected and burnt locally.

Once all conditions have been met, we will be eligible to participate in the Ceremony to Bestow the 4 Great Holy Gifts of Cheon Il Guk (CIG holy salt, holy wine, holy candle and holy soil) and the accompanying Holy Wine Ceremony through which the Special Grace will be given. Each local community will make plans for their local ceremonies, the dates of which will be announced shortly.

If someone is unable to participate in the 40-day condition starting this Sunday, don’t worry, they can begin any time they wish, as long as all conditions of devotion are completed before participating in the Foundation Day Blessing ceremony next year (9th February 2017). Across Europe, there will be two more periods of synchronised devotion (6 Nov – 15 Dec and 25 Dec – 2 Feb) so it will also be possible to join together with others in offering the devotion.

Below you can view the benediction prayer that True Mother offered over the original seed holy gifts; this video will be played at the Ceremony to Bestow the Holy Gifts, but you can watch it already to get a feeling for True Mother’s heart over this Special Grace. Please also take time to study the presentation entitled Guide to the Cheon Il Guk Holy Items.

Register your participation in the 40-day devotion by clicking here and completing the form; there you’ll also be able to request a daily email with scriptural inspiration related to the devotional period.

Let us join together in this spiritual growth campaign and allow God to enter into and renew our hearts & minds in a deeper way than ever before!

Written by Matthew & Natasha Huish, FFWPU UK National Directors

workbook image

Click to download the Special Grace Education Workbook

Click to download this Guide to the Holy Gifts

Click to download this Resolution Form


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Click here to download this presentation about the Cheon Il Guk Holy Items

True Mother’s Benediction Prayer over Holy Items (April 21, 2016 ) from PeaceTV on Vimeo.

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    This is really helpful. Thank you!

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    it might be helpful to change the title to something else now that the Sunday has passed- like “40 days of devotion / Special Grace Period- Full explanation”, or something which is not connected to the past- because it is still very relevant.

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