30 Years CARP-Rally Berlin 1987

The year 2017 is a year of special anniversaries related to Europe. It has been 500 years since the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther and 100 years since the Russian Revolution inspired by Karl Marx. It is also 30 years since the visit of Hyo Jin Nim, at the time the leader of CARP, to Berlin, where he led a march to the Berlin Wall, calling for its removal. (“Die Mauer Muss Weg!”) In honour of this CARP Rally, we would like to hold a commemorative meeting in Berlin to remember that event and recall the spirit of the time. The attached document contains details of the proposed programme.

In 1981 True Father addressed German CARP members saying: “One day in the not-too-distant future, we will go to Berlin and shout to the communists, ‘break down that wall. That wall doesn’t belong there!’”

In August 1987, the “Fourth CARP Convention for World Students” brought 3000 people from all over the world to Berlin. The peak event on August 8 was a march to the wall, spearheaded by the then world CARP President, Hyo Jin Moon. We will never forget the slogan we shouted: “Die Mauer muss weg!” (The wall must go). Hyo Jin Nim’s fiery speech and his tearful prayer directly at that wall is remembered by our whole Unification Movement.

On November 9, 1989 the wall broke down.

Now 30 years later, it is obvious that this event had a huge impact. Not only did it strengthen the spirit of the “we are the people” (“Wir sind das Volk”) movement in East Germany, it was also providentially significant for the breakdown of communism in 1989/1990.

We want to reflect on this event, to pass on the legacy of its spirit to our younger generation, and look forward to the goals still to be accomplished:

  • the unification of our fatherland, Korea
  • the spiritual defeat of godless, materialistic ideologies and
  • the establishment of a family-centered society, based on the original lineage.

Proposed basic schedule

Friday, 4 August

  • Arrivals

Saturday, 5 August

  • Morning: speeches and testimonies by representatives of FFWPU and CARP from Korea, Japan, USA, Germany and other European nations.
  • Afternoon: memorial videos, pictures, sharing, visit to site of the historical rally
  • Evening: music festival

Sunday, 6 August

  • Morning: peace road along the former wall, press conference
  • All day: (undecided) UPF conference on Korean unification
  • Afternoon: sightseeing in “new” Berlin / departures

Practical details:

If you plan to attend this event, please inform us by: 30 April 2017 at the latest, in the link below as we require an overview of numbers for planning purposes


We have already rented a few youth hostel style places for overnight accommodation, but those wishing hotel accommodation are asked to make their own bookings.  On confirmation of where the event will be held, we will be able to suggest nearby hotels. A fee of 100€ per participant will probably be required in order to cover anticipated costs (meals, sightseeing etc).

See you in Berlin!

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