Donation for the 30th Anniversary of the CARP Rally Berlin 1987 in August

All European Members are being asked to please support the rally with a donation of 50 Euros.

Dear brothers and sisters!

Dear CARP members everywhere! Dear G-CARP Alumni ! Dear All Members

Berlin, June 5, 2017

Some time has passed since our initial announcement of the memorial event of the Berlin CARP Rally 1987. In the meantime the scope of this event has considerably grown, mainly due to two reasons:

  1. Over 100 people from all over the world have already declared their intention to join this event
  2. Also Yeon-Ah Nim and her children will come, to listen to the testimonies about the rally, and learn about the decisive role, their father Hyo Jin Nim played in the course of the event.
  3. At the request of HQ, All European Members Please support the rally with a donation of 50 Euros. Contact European Office HQ for payment details Mobile: +49-176-82695358 / e-mail: or the UK HQ by Phone 0207 723 0721  or Email

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