2017 Global Top Gun Workshop


For this year’s Top Gun Workshop we’re looking for 1,000 young adults including, CARP members, university students, and seonghwa students that meet the workshop standards. The workshop will run from 1st August and 21st August  2017.

Participants Qualifications:

  • A young member having a model life of faith (In the case of first-generation members, those who have a model life of faith and who have been attending the church for at least one year).
  • A young member recommended by his or her local church or nation.
  • A young member who is proficient in one of the following languages: Korean, Japanese or English (Only Korean, Japanese, and English interpretation will be provided.)

Additional Standards:

  • A young member who is either a student president or representative in his or her nation or church
  • A young member who has completed or is attending a church-leadership program operated by his or her local church or nation (e.g. Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary, STF, Jr. STF, full-time public course or program, Top Gun, etc.)
  • A recipient of a scholarship from the Hyojeong World Peace Foundation (previously known as the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation)
  • A young member with excellent academic results (Students attending top schools, or with very good school records, etc.)

What To Expect On The Workshop:

  • Divine Principle, True Parents’ Life Courses, Readings from the Three Great Scriptures.
  • Career path planning and leadership development that can contribute to the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk C. International networking, communication between university students and adolescents, athletic meeting.
  • Holy ground pilgrimage in the providential homeland of Korea.
  • Launching the International Association of Youth and Students’ for Peace student leaders’ group.



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